Visual Communications Archives Internship

Working at Visual Communications has so far been a rewarding and exciting experience. As the Preservation Intern, my responsibilities include scanning negatives of various photographic collections that VC owns, creating an online blog showcasing our inventory and assisting the Preservation Manager in any long term projects.

Aside from all my preservation and archival duties, I have also been working on branding Visual Communications’ annual C3 conference, or also known as C3: The Conference for Creative Content. This yearly conference invites all Asian American media and content makers to discuss and share the impact of social media such as YouTube, and what it can do for the Asian American community.

I have also had the opportunity to bond with my fellow Interns in a couple of major, summer-long projects. Shinae, our Executive Director tasked the interns with creating a Kanzari, a traditional Japanese ball and streamer decoration for the Tanabata Festival to be held in early August. Currently, we’re making tons of flowers to glue to the ball, and we’re trying to illustrate a Koi fish on the streamers! We are also working on a short 5 minute video series where the interns get to interview major Asian American community leaders or prominent Asian American media makers, like Wong Fu Productions. We are hoping that this series will be something that future generations of Interns at Visual Communications will pursue and continue the project as a legacy.

I am super excited for all my projects, and this blog will be filled with posts about my daily life and projects while at Visual Communications.